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30 minutes | 1 relax

Shower - Body Massage - Shower

4900 RUB

In a luxurious room with a huge bed, where romantic music is playing, you will be met by a passionate sorceress, she will undress beautifully for you, will help you to undress so that you will not even notice. You take a shower together. Just imagine the drops of water flowing down the naked body of your chosen one. Then, the girl will apply oil on herself and slide on your body with her elastic ass, soft breasts, and flat tummy. She will caress you, immersing you with every movement in the bliss of sweet erotica and unforgettable sensations. And at the height of pleasure, you will undoubtedly enjoy it.


60 minutes | 1 relax
6900 RUB

Shower - Classical massage - Body massage - Shower​

A nude fairy will crush every muscle of yours, every inch of your body will not be forgotten and be caressed. And after all the fatigue goes away, the mood will rise, the body will relax, the girl will move to passionate erotica to a stormy end.

Royal Relax

60 minutes| 2 relax

Shower - Sakura sprig - Body massage - Classic massage - Lingam - Shower​

9900 RUB

This program will plunge into the world of erotic pleasures. After you take a shower with your chosen girl, she will go to hot kisses on the bed, then she will completely relax you with a massage, and after that the girl will take into their hands the most important ... ... Hot touch, affectionate skillful hands of our master, will give unforgettable and very unusual sensations. This spa program will not leave you indifferent.

All Inclusive

HIT! 60 minutes| unlimited relax

All inclusive! All salon services performed by girls

14900 RUB

How will this program take place is up to you. A girl will happily divine and fulfill your innermost desires. Your rest will begin with a foam show in the shower, where your chosen one will give you a gentle foam massage and bring you to your first relaxation. After you move to a gorgeous bed, where you will find a stunning classic massage. And after that, when your whole body plunges into a sweet languor, you will plunge into the world of unforgettable erotica. And this is what this erotic part will be filled with - only you will choose. Your chosen one will realize your every desire.


90 minutes| unlimited relax|3 girls
14900 RUB

If you are a lover of variety, or simply could not make a choice among our beauties, then this program is for you. Three completely different beauties will give you their affection, tenderness and reveal all the secrets of erotic fantasies. Each of the girls will give you maximum attention. You can enjoy the tenderness of one and the temperament of another. Or maybe you chose a wild cat ?! Who knows. Just enjoy it!


60 minutes| 2 relax|2 girls

Easy lesbian girls show in the shower - Classic - Sakura branch - Imitation of oral sex - Body massage - Shower. The program includes a buffet.

19900 RUB

 In fact, they secretly have affection for each other, but can only manifest them after you allow them. Only for real men. Erotic massage from a different perspective! Look at the world in a new way! The bright and sensual love of two young beauties, just starting to learn what true pleasure.
With burning eyes and trembling bodies, our sorceresses, continuing to caress each other, will call you to yourself! And then awaits the divine and gentle, charging with power and joy erotic massage in four hands! The harmonious combination of insolence and enveloping tenderness, which you will watch during the massage and the show, will leave a lasting impression.


90 minutes| unlimited relax

The program for those who like it hot:
Urological massage, Domination, Toys, Ice and flame, Foot fetish.​

9900 RUB

Light relaxing massage, smoothly turning into the erotic part, where the girl will give you maximum pleasure with prostate massage. If you wish, you can add an erotic toy to the program. And from the lovely female legs you can easily lose your head!


120 minutes
14900 RUB

If you are tired of everyday fuss, and do not want to leave the limits of your luxurious room, and in it you want to get the most relaxing massage, our craftswoman will be happy to come to your apartment as soon as possible and recreate the atmosphere of passion and comfort there.


60 minutes| 120 minutes
9900 RUB | 19900 RUB

Our program for couples will bring new feelings to the relationship, ignite the spark of passion and allow you to rediscover each other. You will begin to better understand and feel each other, and our masters will help you to do this on a professional level.

Experienced massage therapists with their gentle hands will work on you with various techniques of stroking, kneading and rubbing. Erotic vibrations will be transmitted to your bodies and kindle the flame of passion in your couple.

The effect of mechanical stress is enhanced by the use of massage oils, scented candles and oriental incense. The correct use of these additional accessories by our girls allows us to more accurately influence different parts of the human body, causing certain desires.

Erotic massage for couples necessarily ends with pleasure. Extend the moment of euphoria can be alone, the massage therapists will move away and leave you alone, and in company with our masters, who will stay and bring your couple to true bliss. EXCLUSIVE - in our salon ROYAL RELAX, the "massage for couples" program can be performed by an experienced massage master MAXIM with more than 5 years of experience working with beautiful ladies and couples.


120 minutes| 5 girls
50000 RUB

Birthday, bachelor party, or you and your friends decided to relax together. In our holiday atmosphere, which you will never forget.